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I regularly present three live radio shows a week on Soulbeat radio; The Saucy Sunday show 4pm-6pm Sundays, The Dolly Mixture Show 6pm-8pm Tuesdays, and Debs Does Drivetime 4pm-6pm Fridays (all UK Time).

You can listen to a selection of the 2015 shows by clicking on the show links below.
Each show is two hours long.

14-Oct-15 - Debs Does Drivetime Show
13-Oct-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
07-Oct-15 - Debs Does Drivetime Show
06-Oct-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
05-Oct-15 - Covering for the G Man
23-Sep-15 - Debs Does Drivetime Show
22-Sep-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
18-Sep-15 - Covering for Terry Brown
16-Sep-15 - Debs Does Drivetime Show
15-Sep-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
26-Aug-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
11-Aug-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
08-Aug-15 - Dolly Mixture Show
28-Jul-15 - Dolly Mixture Show (sample)
15-Jul-15 - Dolly Mixture Show

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I love to play the following genres of music:
I'm in the process of recording a series of 30 minute DJ Miss Behaving mixes for each genre below, so watch this space !! I play and mix all of my music live, so I have the flexibility to change the music to suit the mood of the audience, play track requests, and to provide a memorable event leaving them wanting more. I always play music appropriate to the age of the core audience.

If you don't know what I mean by the above listen to some of my music shows on the left or above on this screen or call me. I'm happy to discuss.